Back to Roots Lebanon 2015

To the Motherland!

Hello everyone!

Today I begin my journey across the world to be a part of Back to Roots Lebanon. I have been wanting to take a trip to beautiful Lebanon ever since my father told me stories of his childhood there. Swimming at the Mediterranean, then driving less than an hour to go skiing in the beautiful mountains, sounds like a pretty sweet place.

The goal of the Back to Roots program is to cultivate a love for Lebanon in young Lebanese descendants, so that they may become well-informed, passionate ambassadors for the Land of the Cedars. Lebanon is known for it’s big, beautiful Cedar trees, and I get to plant one while I am there.

Cedar of Lebanon

I will be in Lebanon for two weeks with this group for a completely immersive experience. Back to Roots participants experience every dimension of Lebanon. Beyond tourism, we will be exposed to Lebanon’s natural beauty, rich culture, historical significance, and political landscape.

I am so beyond excited to participate in this program. Lebanon has been home to many different people throughout human history and I will get to experience Roman ruins, ancient religious locations, and of course the beauty of the Lebanese people, their food, and their love of life!


I am about to board the longest flight of my life, 20 hours to Dubai, a bit of a layover and onto the amazing city of Beirut!

I hope to continue posting through my trip, following Lebanon I will be headed to Jordan. And just because I’m such a loving son, I leave you with this selfie of my lovely Mother who dropped me off at the airport this morning. I love you Mom!

Mom and I at the airport

One thought on “To the Motherland!

  1. How exciting Alex! I am catching up on your blog. Have left some comments but not 100% sure they posted. 😮 Enjoy your trip and keep your heart open! :-)

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